Turkey, İstanbul
Embark on a remarkable 3-day journey from Istanbul to Ephesus, Pamukkale, and Pergamon, where you'll explore ancient marvels, natural wonders, and historical sites in a compact and enriching adventure.

3 DAY(s)

  • Per Person in Double/ Triple Room
  • Single Room
  • Departing from Istanbul to Izmir to visit the Ancient city of Ephesus and continue to Pergamon and Pamukkale within three days and two night. During the package, you will be experience the ancient cities, culture and history of the Greek and Roman.

    Day 1.: Istanbul To Ephesus

    Today, depart from Istanbul to Izmir by air plane to arrive to Ephesus to start your first day tour.

    Early in the morning  depart from your hotel in Istanbul to reach the flight and continue to Izmir. When participants arrive at the airport in Izmir, you'll be greeted by your knowledgeable tour guide, who will accompany you throughout the day and provide valuable insights into the sites you'll be visiting.

    The first stop on your itinerary is the awe-inspiring Ephesus Archaeological Site. Step back in time as you explore the remarkably preserved ruins of this once-mighty city. Walking along the marble-paved streets, you'll be surrounded by remnants of a bygone era. Marvel at the Library of Celsus, an architectural masterpiece that once housed thousands of ancient scrolls. As you wander through the ancient theater, imagine the grand performances that once captivated audiences. Take a moment to appreciate the intricate mosaics, towering columns, and ornate facades that showcase the magnificence of Ephesus

    After immersing yourself in the ancient wonders of Ephesus, your journey continues to a place of profound spiritual significance. A short drive brings you to the House of the Virgin Mary, a sacred pilgrimage site believed to be the final resting place of the Virgin Mary. Nestled amidst serene surroundings, this humble stone house exudes an atmosphere of tranquility and reverence. Take a moment to reflect and absorb the spiritual energy that permeates the site. Many visitors choose to leave personal messages or prayers as a testament to their visit.

    Leaving the House of the Virgin Mary, you'll travel to the nearby town of Selçuk to explore the Basilica of St. John. This impressive structure, dedicated to the Apostle John, stands as a testament to his legacy. Roaming through the ruins, you'll discover remnants of the basilica's grandeur, including towering columns and intricate designs. As you gaze upon the remnants of this ancient place of worship, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the historical and religious significance it once held.

    After a fulfilling day of exploration, take some time to indulge in a bit of shopping in the local area. Discover Turkish crafts, souvenirs, and traditional goods that make for meaningful mementos of your journey. Whether it's a handcrafted piece of jewelry or a vibrant carpet, you'll find treasures that capture the essence of your visit.
    At the end of the tour, today, continue to hotel where you will spend the night in Kusadasi.
    Overnight in Kusadasi.
    Breakfast Lunch.

    Day 2.: Kusadasi Pamukkale. Hierapolis Ancient City Tour.  

    Today, after breakfast, depart from hotel with pick up service where you will visit the Ancient city of Hierapolis ancient city and calcium terraces.

    Embark on a captivating journey from the coastal town of Kusadasi to the mesmerizing terraces of Pamukkale, and immerse yourself in the natural wonders that make Turkey a true gem of the Mediterranean. This tour promises a delightful combination of breathtaking landscapes, soothing thermal waters, and a glimpse into ancient Roman history. Get ready to be enchanted as we traverse through the picturesque countryside, unveiling the unique beauty that lies within Pamukkale.

    Departing from Kusadasi's Coastal Charms:

    Our adventure begins in the charming coastal town of Kusadasi, renowned for its stunning beaches and warm hospitality. As we bid farewell to this coastal haven, we venture into the heartland of Turkey, leaving behind the azure waters and setting our sights on the captivating landscapes that await us in Pamukkale.

    Pamukkale: The Cotton Castle of Turkey:

    As we arrive in Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are greeted by the breathtaking sight of gleaming white terraces cascading down the hillside. These unique travertine terraces, created by the flow of mineral-rich thermal waters, create a surreal and captivating spectacle. Prepare to be enchanted by the natural beauty and tranquility that surrounds you.

    Hierapolis: A Glimpse into Ancient Roman Life:

    Adjacent to Pamukkale lies the ancient city of Hierapolis, where history comes alive. Explore the remarkably preserved ruins that offer a fascinating insight into the Roman way of life. Marvel at the grandeur of the ancient theater, wander through the vast necropolis, and discover the ancient thermal baths that were once a hub of social activity. Immerse yourself in the rich historical tapestry of Hierapolis, and let your imagination transport you to the heyday of this ancient civilization.

    Cleopatra's Pool: Myth and Majesty:

    One of the highlights of our tour is a visit to Cleopatra's Pool, a place steeped in legend and beauty. Dive into the crystal-clear thermal waters of this ancient pool, believed to possess healing properties. As you swim among the submerged columns and remnants of an ancient Roman structure, you can't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder. Indulge in the relaxing waters and embrace the mystical ambiance that surrounds you.  
    At the end of the tour. Return to Hotel in Kusadasi.
    Overnight in Kusadasi.
    Breakfast Lunch.

    Day 3.: Kusadasi Pergamon Flight to Istanbul

    Today, after breakfast, depart from hotel and will drive to pergamon ; As we approach Pergamon, prepare to be transported back in time to the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Pergamon, once a thriving city and capital of the Attalid Kingdom, offers a captivating glimpse into the past. Renowned for its monumental architecture and cultural significance, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to the grandeur of classical antiquity.

    Upon arrival, our knowledgeable guide will lead us through the impressive remains of this ancient city. Marvel at the towering Acropolis, perched majestically on a hill overlooking the surrounding landscape. Ascend the steep steps and immerse yourself in the rich history that unfolds with each step. Admire the grand Theater of Pergamon, an architectural masterpiece that once hosted captivating performances and seated thousands of spectators.

    Continue your exploration through the ruins, as you discover the imposing Temple of Trajan, dedicated to the Roman Emperor Trajan. Stand in awe of the Altar of Zeus, one of Pergamon's most renowned structures, famous for its intricate reliefs and historical significance. As you wander through the remnants of the ancient city, you'll gain a profound appreciation for the achievements of its inhabitants.

    But our journey doesn't end here. Just a short distance from Pergamon lies the ancient healing center of Asklepion. Known for its holistic approach to medicine, Asklepion was a renowned sanctuary and healing retreat in the ancient world. Walk in the footsteps of ancient physicians and patients as you explore the sacred grounds, which include temples, thermal baths, and sleeping quarters. Experience the tranquility of the surrounding landscape and imagine the soothing rituals and therapies that took place within these hallowed walls.

    After a day of exploration and discovery, take a moment to relax and savor a delicious traditional Turkish meal, accompanied by local delicacies. As you indulge in the flavors of the region, reflect upon the wonders you have witnessed and the stories you have unraveled.
    As our journey comes to an end, we depart from Pergamon and make our way back to  
    At the end of the tour. You will be transferred to Izmir airport to fly back to Istanbul. And we will drop you back to your hotels in İstanbul.

    Duration : 2 Nights, 3 Days.

    Transfers to from hotels and from airports.
    2 nights hotel accommodation including breakfast
    Transportation by a comfortable AC non smoking Luxurious car / Van with professional driver.
    All entrance fees to the sites and to the museums mentioned on the above program.
    Private professional guide throughout.
    Domestic Flight from Istanbul / Izmir/ Istanbul  

    Excluded :
    Personal Expenses

    KUSADASI : Efe Butik Hotel 4* or similar
    PRICE :
    Per Person in Double/ Triple Room : 800 us dollars
    Single Room : 1000 us dollars 

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  • Kusadasi - Pergamon - Pamukkale - Hierapolis Ancient City - Ephesus